Boho Box

Summer Burst Bracelet

Flower Colour
Spiritually it is believed, that if we harness the energies of the Seasons, we will educate ourselves and maximise our inner growth. Each season teaches us what we should be doing at different points throughout the year.
The summer tells us that the longest days of year are soon coming to an end. Therefore, we should enjoy life and prepare for the shorter days, by leaving behind things that we don't need. Whether that be superficial possessions, jobs that make you unhappy, relationships and so on. Our Summer Burst bracelet captures the essence of treasuring what is beautiful about the summer and wearing these, to keep with you when moving into new beginnings. 
  • Adjustable rope-style strand bracelet
  • Summer charms and beads
  • Easy hook fasten over coloured beads
  • Suitable for bracelet or anklet