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Blossom Spirit Bangle

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One definition of blossom is "to thrive or flourish", and our Blossom Spirit Bangle captures nature's iconic image of the cherry blossom to represent this. However, wearing a bangle with this energy will contribute to the owner's belief that every day is a new beginning, where we can all start a fresh, whenever we like, and can thrive and flourish in our own wonderful right. At Boho Box, we love the simplicity of this piece, its perfect for all occasions!

  • High-Quality Silver bangle with intricate floral design
  • Strong & Adjustable - designed to comfortably fit any wrist size
  • Received in our beautiful Boho Box packaging

This beautiful bangle is part of a set

Wearing a spirit bangle with this energy will remind you that every day is a new beginning - a blank canvas where you are the painter.