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Boho Box

Blossom Spirit Bangle


One definition of blossom is "to thrive or flourish", and our Blossom Spirit Bangle captures nature's iconic image of the cherry blossom to represent this. However, wearing a bangle with this energy will contribute to the owner's belief that every day is a new beginning, where we can all start a fresh, whenever we like, and can thrive and flourish in our own wonderful right. At Boho Box, we love the simplicity of this piece, its perfect for all occasions!

  • High-Quality Silver bangle with intricate floral design
  • Strong & Adjustable - designed to comfortably fit any wrist size
  • Received in our beautiful Boho Box packaging

This beautiful bangle is part of a set

Wearing a spirit bangle with this energy will remind you that every day is a new beginning - a blank canvas where you are the painter.