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Getting the right ring size can be tricky business at the best of times.

Many jewellers use different sizing charts, which usually depends on where that jewellery company is originally from. For example, USA use numbers 6-10 for sizing and then in Europe, numbers 50-60 tend to be the most popular.Confusing, right?

Confusing, right?

But don't worry! we're here to help and we've got you covered!

As we are from the land of tea and crumpets (AKA the jolly old United Kingdom), our sizes use the standard UK format of letters.

Here is our very own conversion chart, which you will find useful if you are used to ordering rings with American or European sizing.

 boho box ring size chart

  • If you are in-between sizes on the chart above, we would always recommend going the next size up to ensure a comfortable fit. An example of this would be if you know your ring size to be O (in the middle of N and P), then we would recommend going for the P/ Large Size.

Fun Fact - Throughout the day, your finger size will change as your body warms up and cools down. Therefore, when it comes to finding the right ring size, we always recommend popping into a jewellery store and asking them for a quick fitting. This is usually free and should take no longer than a minute or two.

Even though there are guides online about how to find your finger size using a piece of paper / string / dental floss etc, these are usually quite inaccurate and should be used with caution. By all means, they are good to give you a very rough idea of your finger size, but an actual visit to the jewellers is most definitely the best way to find the best fit for you and to help you order the right sized ring the first time around.

If you aren't 100% sure about your ring size, you can always play it safe with our collection of adjustable boho rings, which are designed to fit any finger size.


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